Dear Members,


Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New year. At the outset, I thank EC members and  all IAMM  members for electing me for the post of Secretary of our prestigious association. It is my privilege and honour to work for the Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists as its secretary. I thank my successor Dr. M. B. Nagamoti for guiding me during my tenure as Joint Secretary/EC. I also acknowledge the faith shown by the past Presidents of IAMM in my administrative/managerial capability. I solicit their continued support and guidance for running the office at  Ranchi during my tenure. I seek the blessings and cooperation of all senior members/EC members in taking our

association to greater heights. Our new President Dr. Atul Kulkarni has stimulated us to prepare for the  new challenges. The major goals which I will like to achieve during my tenure are as follows:


i. To improve the financial condition of the IAMM.

ii. To increase the life membership of IAMM

iii. To see the change of our specialty of Microbiology

to Clinical microbiology.

iv. To assert ourselves as clinician.


My humble request to all the IAMM members to update their addresses and e-mail for better communication and request the state chapters office bearer to inform the activities of the chapter at the under mentioned address. I request all the Senior faculty/HODs in various Medical colleges/ Institutes/Hospitals to encourage the microbiologists working in their premises to become the life members of IAMM and will also like them to interact with the clinicians frequently. I also like to appeal to the companies in the field of diagnostics to come forward to become the corporate members of IAMM for five years i.e.


Platinum members- @ Rs. 5 Lacs,

Gold members - @ Rs. 3 Lacs,

Silver member - @ Rs. 2 Lacs.



With Season's greetings and best wishes,


Dr. B.L. Sherwal

Secretary, IAMM